DJCAD is a research-led art and design college within the University of Dundee where we equip you with knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for embedding skills, knowledge and innovation in art and design practice, especially product and service based environments. This ensures that you are informed by cutting edge practices, making you more employable and enterprising within your future career.

In conventional prototyping, the prototype is both an activity and an artefact where the artefact is always embedded within the activity. The activity of prototyping is usually an intentional, problem-solving activity that culminates in some form of artefact. This artefact is typically known as the prototype. However, the role and value of prototypes and methods of prototyping have developed over recent years and is now being used at the core of creative practice and the design of business. This is typified by the work of leading practitioners and research scholars, such as, Michael Schrage (Research Associate at MIT’s Sloan School’s Centre for Digital Business), Elizabeth Sanders (MakeTools and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University),  Constance Adams (Synthesis Int’l LLC) and Gill Wildman (Plot London and Upstarter Incubator).

Prototyping: Insights to Innovation is a 20 credit module taken by both MSc Product Design and MSc Design for Business students at DJCAD, University of Dundee. It aims to introduce students to the “conventional” and “unconventional” role of prototyping in academia and commercial practices. Students will be encouraged to investigate how creative practitioners and research scholars from across the globe are experimenting with prototypes and methods of prototyping in order to drive forward innovation and ingenuity. In addition, the module will explore the expanded notion of prototyping, paying particular attention to evolutionary techno-biological prototyping. By this we mean looking at technological development and innovation in terms of our abilities to embrace natural phenomena and evolutionary processes through the application of prototyping.

This blog provides all necessary information for students, including links to further reading, videos and other course related materials. Select from the tabs at the top of this page to explore the content and timetable, assessment requirements, and further links and reading.

The module is delivered by a team of academic staff with research and industry experience on the theoretical and practical application of prototyping. Fraser Bruce leads the module with other contributions from faculty members, PhD Scholars and guest speakers, including Professor Seaton Baxter (OBE).

We look forward to working with you this semester.


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